3 ways to get motivated to eat healthy


✓ Have you ever thought of eating healthier but you lack motivation?

✓ Have you ever tried any restrictive diet in order to lose weight?

✓ Have you ever felt confused or overwhelmed by the infinite information found online about this topic?

Let me tell you that you are not alone. A new global study carried out across 30 countries found that 45% of people are currently trying to lose weight by dieting. The reality is that dieting has many side effects and unfortunately, won’t last long as a sustainable lifestyle. However, the reality of eating healthy without restrictive dieting is much simpler than you think.

I know that you you will have to make some changes in your life, which can be difficult at first but trust me that it will all be worth it once you will start to feel much better, not to mention thinner. The key is starting small and taking baby steps, which I’ll explain in a bit. It is also important to stay consistent and informed from trustworthy sources and most importantly, learn to manage self-control.

3 Small Steps

Here are 3 small but very effective steps you can implement starting today. Let me tell you that these life-changing habits have already improved the quality of my life, as well as the life of my friends, my family and clients.

Be mindful of how you prepare your food

Regardless of a type of food being healthy, such as vegetables or fish fillet, it will not stay nutritional if prepared in an unhealthy way. Avoid frying your food and adding excess salt to it. Opt to either bake, grill or sauté your food using non-sticky pans and healthy oils (olive, avocado, flaxseed, etc.)

Learn the Healthy Eating Plate

Healthy eating is simple! According to scientists, the Healthy Eating Plate is a guide to balance your meals and meet all your nutritional needs. Let me tell you that if you learn how to include healthy protein, vegetables, whole grains and fruits with every meal, you will no longer need the word ‘diet’ in your vocabulary. 

Prepare a grocery list

Never go to the grocery store when you are hungry or lack a prepared list of healthy food. Learn to buy enough food to last you a couple of days, This way you will stick to a more consistent plan and avoid the temptations of buying unhealthy foods during the week. 

Start your change today

Remember that it’s never too late to change your life! Factors such as age, time, or even experience shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dreams and living healthier.

I am here to help you so don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

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