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  • What is the relationship between nutrition and stress?
  • What does the scientific studies tell us?
  • How does stress affect our body?
  • How does eating healthy reduce stress?
  • Nutrition tips and key nutrients to reduce stress
  • 7-DAY MEAL PLAN to reduce stress
  • How will this plan help me?

Nutrition and Stress

A complete guide including a 7-DAY MEAL PLAN of healthy recipes for reducing stress


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Do you have a stressful lifestyle combined with an unbalanced diet? I have created this E-book ‘Nutrition and Stress’ which will provide you with a lot of useful information together with a complete 7-day meal plan comprising quick and healthy recipes that will reduce your stress and help you regain your mental balance in your day-by-day life. You will find out what is the connection between nutrition and stress, what science tells us about it, how stress affects our body and how a healthy diet can reduce our stress symptoms. I have also included nutrition tips and key nutrients to reduce stress and anxiety levels, and you will be able to find out how the 7-day meal plan can help you have a more balanced lifestyle starting from tomorrow!

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